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The intensive was an amazing time. It had an extraordinarily potent effect on me. I got through a lot of bullshit and sampled a whole other mode of existing…” -Andrew B. Essex, UK.

“It was the most engaging, interactive, and personal of all the courses offered by CZ. I think that fun may be what separates this course from all other courses or meditation-cults available.” -Lance L. Vancouver, Canada.

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This is your invitation to radically transform your life, in every way, once and for all. You will also learn tools you can use for the rest of your life to continue to change and grow as your desires mature and refine. Read below the video to see everything that comes with the Intensives.

My goal for you in this Intensive Workshop is simple:

I want you to have a lot more fun, enjoyment, adventure, courage, love, beauty, and gratitude in your life. We focus on the word “radical” here at Command Z to demonstrate an important point: you don’t need a few new tweaks or life hacks, and you don’t just need to be productive. You need to overhaul your body, and lighten the tension load you carry around constantly.

Once you start to relax and rid your body of rigidity and tension, your mind can open up, and beauty, inspiration, motivation, and creativity will open up and become more available. The more tension you banish, the easier it’ll be to get the things you really want. With your mind focused on your body and direct observation–instead of fantasies, opinions, and assumptions about everythingyou will experience changes that radiate from inside you outward into your life.

I don’t say that lightly, so please, promise me you’ll take it seriously. Many people claim to want real change in their lives, only to find that they weren’t ready for the kinds of deep and lasting changes that come with Undoing yourself.

The workshop consists of:

1. Productivity Software (Optional): We encourage you to use Simpleology (or whatever tool or simple system you can use to put your time back in your hands) to help you immediately overcome procrastination and start integrating tension and stress relief into your life, on the first day. (You can sign up for a free account at the link above.)

2. Private Facebook Group for discussion and feedback, more quickly than other forms of communication, and you can get to know the other folks undoing along with you. It helps to have other people to inspire and motivate you while undergoing major life transformations, and this group will do just that. I’ll also post songs, videos, links, articles, and other resources to help keep you happy and excited while you melt through your tensions and undergo a deep transformation in your perception, body, and life.

3. Organized Daily Radical Undoing: There’s NEVER been a course like this before. You’ll get experiments and exercises you can easily integrate into your daily life, including conceptual experiments you can use to conserve your energy, defend your time, and start flowing with what you really want to do. You’ll find a new lesson each morning, with specific things to do for that day.

4. Two Radical Undoing Sessions each week: One group session via Skype, and one guided audio session for you to conduct on your own, as your own time allows all 4 weeks. You’ll learn all the exercises and how to fit them into an experience that makes sense in your life.

5. Powerful, Irrevocable Training: You’ll learn directly every week, receive answers to all the questions you have, and learn how to make the specific changes in your life you’ve been wanting to make. It’s never too late to transform literally everything about the way you live your life. You’ll be surprised you never noticed this stuff before…but you can make huge impacts with the tiniest details of your life.

6. Command Z Inner Circle Forum Access: Plus a special board reserved for your Intensive studies. You can choose to post your written exercises, notes, and extended comments about your experiences in the forum. This is meant as an easy-to-research place for you to write about your progress, ask questions, get support from others going through similar experiences to your own, and offer your skill and support to others.

7. One Hour Live Q and A sessions every week: You’ll get live access to get all your questions answered, plus a chance to share about your own experiences with the group.

You’ll get the weekly live calls recorded to review anytime you want. Plus, you’ll be able to continue to use what you’ve learned to organize and integrate new experiences into your life, and to continue to explore and experiment with the undoing exercises as your life opens up exponentially in the weeks and months following the workshop.

This is called an “Intensive Workshop” for a reason. You will have intense experiences and put in just enough effort to make some lasting changes in your life. The price reflects the commitment I expect you to make before diving into an experience as powerful and life-changing as this one, as well as the commitment I’m making to you to deliver effective, radical changes in your life.

Once you’re confirmed for the workshop, you’ll get access to the tools and groups I mentioned above, plus I’ll email you to set up a time to meet on Skype so I can tailor your experience to help you accomplish the most relaxation and satisfaction you’ve ever experienced.

I look forward to working with you, and I’m extremely excited at the power this work has to make powerful, radical, lasting changes in your life. I’m proud to present it in a way it’s never been presented before and to help you get the results you want in your life, more quickly and joyously than you’ve ever imagined.

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